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  1. (Archive) Kirkuk irrigation project: preliminary report (1958)
    Binnie, Deacon & Gourley (Baghdad); Iraq Development Board
  2. (Archive) Report on the Dokan dam project: vol 3 (1956)
    Binnie, Deacon & Gourley; Iraq Development Board
  3. Effects of the Drought on Water Supply in Northern Iraq. Final report (1999)
    Reed, Bob; Water and Environmental health at London and Loughborough (WELL)
  4. Evaluation of water supply provision in Northern Iraq (2000)
    Reed, Bob
  5. Karkh water supply scheme: contract for stage 1 works: site layout of headworks-treatment works (1982)
    Iraq, Baghdad Water Supply Administration; Paterson Candy International
  6. Photographs taken in connection with the Ishaqi pumping station
    Binnie, Deacon & Gourley (Baghdad)
  7. Rural water supply development plan: draft final report: vol 8: finance and accounting (1973)
    Ward, Ashcroft and Parkman; Inbucon Ltd; UNDP United Nations Development Program; WHO World Health Organization
  8. Improving the environment in poor neighbourhoods through community participation * (2008)
    Shukur, B
  9. Continuous safe water monitoring using 3G telemetry in IDP camp water supply systems: Iraq trial * (2018)
    King, Katrice Grace
  10. Rebuilding Iraq. US water and sanitation efforts need improved measures for assessing impact and sustained resources for maintaining facilities. Report to Congressional Committees (2005)
    Government Accountability Office (GAO)


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