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  1. (Archive) Imperial Map of West Indies and the Caribbean; Scale: 1:3,500,000 (1950)
    Rand McNally and Company
  2. Map of Jamaica and Morant Cays, Including Tidal Information; scale: 1:75,000 (Adaptation of Map of 1880) (1973)
    The Admiralty
  3. Map of Jamaica, scale: 2.898 miles: 1 inch (historical map first produced in 1888) (1905)
    Norman, Sir Henry Wylie
  4. National Water Commission Act (2000)
    Jamaica, National Water Commission
  5. Upgrading and renewing a historic city: Port Royal, Jamaica (1984)
    Cox, Oliver; Overseas Development Administration (ODA)
  6. The Irrigation Act (1973 amended 1989) (1989)
    Jamaica, Government of
  7. National sanitation policy for Jamaica * (2005)
    Smith, Ianthe; Environmental and Engineering Managers Ltd
  8. The Water Resources Act, 1995 (1995)
    Jamaica, Water Resources Authority
  9. Revising development standards in Jamaica (Enabling Housing Standards and Procedures Project Case Study 2) output from DFID funded project (1997)
    Mchardy, Pauline
  10. Jamaica's response. The United Nations Human Rights Council Decision 2/104 Human Rights and Access to Water * (2007)
    Jamaica, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica


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