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  1. Community-based water & sanitation project 1990-1993
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Government of Kenya
  2. Investigating quality of shared sanitation facilities in informal settlements of Kisumu, Kenya * (2016)
    Simiyu, Sheillah
  3. Management of non-revenue water in delegated management model. Case studies from Kisumu and Naivasha (2014)
    Abdulahi, Mansur
  4. Reality studio. Students in Kisumu and Kabondo (2007)
    Lonn, John; Ostlund, Catarina; Chalmers University; Lund University, Sweden; Nairobi University; UN-HABITAT
  5. Kampala Water Supply Expansion Project. Final design report. Water quality studies (1988)
    Kampala Water Supply Expansion Project
  6. Solid waste collection and disposal in high and low-income countries: case study Nairobi and Kisumu (2009)
    Okeke, Emeka Moses