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  1. The development of a low-cost, lead free wellpoint drilling system for use in household well systems in coastal areas of Madagascar [ Master of Science in Engineering thesis from Mercer University School of Engineering] * (2015)
    Wohlrabe, Andrew A.
  2. Champions for WASH: understanding the nature of leadership in rural sanitation in India * (2016)
    Bejjanki, Vijeta Rao
  3. Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices study: livelihood and income from the Environment Program Lead Pollution Clean-up in Qalyoubia * (2008)
    Millennium Science and Engineering Inc.; Chemonics International Inc
  4. Ghana water sector improvement project : Assessment of environmental water quality standards (contract no 98 58337) Hydrogeologist's report (1999)
    Barrett, Mike; Robens Centre for Public and Environmental Health; Department For International Development (DFID)
  5. Using KDF for removing metals and nitrate from water (1991)
    Abisabo, D.A.