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  1. Build or buy? A case for both: hiring and growing transformational leaders in WASH * (2016)
    Wei, Y.
  2. Leadership for SDG 6.2: Is diversity missing? * (2021)
    Worsham, Kimberly
  3. Strengthening local government leadership for area-wide sanitation and hygiene: experiences from East Africa * (2021)
    Coultas, Mimi
  4. Landlords/compound managers: Change makers to improve and sustain communal latrine use and maintenance * (2017)
    Yeasmin, Farzana
  5. Lessons from scaling up urban sanitation development in Indonesia and Mozambique * (2017)
    Blackett, Isabel C.
  6. Some lessons learned from engaging in WASH participatory action research in Melanesian informal settlements * (2017)
    Barrington, Dani
  7. Integrating health and WASH sectors to help bring sustainable access to WASH in health facilities: a case study from Mali * (2018)
    Maiga, Alassane
  8. Municipal-academic partnerships for innovation in sanitation delivery: a case study in Durban, South Africa * (2018)
    Sindall, Rebecca
  9. Operationalizing FSM regulations at city level: a case study of Warangal, India * (2017)
    Chary, Srinivas
  10. Does women's involvement in leadership of water management committees improve the sustainability of rural water supply systems in Kenya? [Distance Learning] (2016)
    Mlimilwa, Daudi


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