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  1. Arsenic in drinking water and governance issues: a case study from Italy * (2012)
    Melloni, Gian Maria
  2. Bangladesh. Environment: facing the 21st century (1998)
    Gain, Philip
  3. Long term strategy for the rural water supply and sanitation sector in the Kyrgyz Republic. Preliminary draft for consultation (2006)
    Carl Bro Intelligent Solutions; Atkins; Kyrgyz Republic, Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Processing Indust; Department for Rural Water Supplies; Department For International Development (DFID)
  4. Suitability of anaerobic processes for small island developing states - case study Jamaica (1998)
    Harms, Claudia
  5. Institutional management of surface water in England and Wales * (2013)
    Frost, Sian
  6. Review of by-laws and regulations covering sanitation provisions in Colombo City (1992)
    Tillakaratne, Lalani
  7. Institutional arrangements for the decentralization of water services in South Africa (2003)
    Wijesekera, Sanjay
  8. The White Paper on local government. Issued by the Ministry for Provincial Affairs and Constitutional Development (1998)
    South Africa, Ministry for Provincial Affairs and Constitutional Development; South Africa, Department of Constitutional Development
  9. Urban sewerage and sanitation: 30 years of experiences and lessons *
    Philippines, Water Supply and Sanitation Performance Enhancement Project (WPEP)
  10. West Bank water in perspective (1991)
    Anabtawi, Raed


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