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  1. Mid-term management reiview: the revised CPMP [Country Programme Management Plan] 2000/2001. PBR meetings, Abidjan, October 1999 (1999)
  2. Promotion of sanitation in Uganda. Concept paper (1997)
    Republic of Uganda, Ministry of Health; Water and Environmental Sanitation (WES)
  3. Closing the gender gap: Punjab water supply and sanitation project (Good Practice Paper in Water) * (2007)
    Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  4. Lessons from WaterAid's multi-country WASH in Schools programme * (2017)
    Hinds, Ruth
  5. Achieving sanitation at scale: Innovative approaches to rural and urban sanitation * (2005)
    Fisher, Julie; Scott, Rebecca; Cotton, Andrew; Sansom, Kevin
  6. Community participation in the late '90s: water supply and sanitation in Bangladesh (2003)
    Wahab, Afsana
  7. Crafting a graduation pathway for the ultra poor: lessons and evidence from a BRAC programme * (2008)
    Matin, Imran; Sulaiman, Munshi; Rabbani, Mehnaz; BRAC
  8. The flow of life: 25 years of rural water supply and sanitation in Bhutan (see accompanying video V309) (2000)
    Bhutan, Royal Government of; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  9. Towards an environmental sanitation strategy for peri-urban areas in Angola (1998)
    Benge, Fatima de Andrade
  10. Improving sanitation in the Niger Delta * (2017)
    Gilbert, Nancy


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