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  1. Finding hidden knowledge in WASH * (2016)
    Bhakta, Amita
  2. ICT enabled monitoring fosters greater accountability and improves WASH Services in communities * (2016)
    Nadar, Kannan
  3. Improving management of municipal solid waste in India. Overview and challenges (2006)
    Hanrahan, David; Srivastava, Sanjay; Ramakrishna, A. Sita; World Bank South Asia Region
  4. In hot water. A study on sociotechnical intervention models and practices of water use in smallholder agriculture, Nyanyadzi catchment, Zimbabwe (PhD thesis Wageningen University) (2004)
    Bolding, Alex; Wageningen University
  5. Infrastructure asset management: a key building block for sustaining rural water services * (2014)
    Boulenouar, Julia
  6. Institutionalizing improved management practice and reporting to sustain sanitation service delivery * (2014)
    Candelario, Anthony
  7. Is strategic planning the answer to solid waste management in Accra? [Distance Learning] (2005)
    Duff, Amanda
  8. Lessons learnt on the implementation of menstrual hygiene management in Karamoja, Uganda * (2017)
    Hekel, Daniel C.
  9. Low sustainability of drinking water schemes in India: a case study of water surplus north Indian state, Himachal Pradesh * (2014)
    Gill, Dharmendra
  10. Mainstreaming menstrual hygiene management: lessons from a decade of programme and policy work * (2015)
    Mirza, S. Y.


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