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  1. VIP latrine construction. Do it yourself manual. Guidelines for construction, use and maintenance of ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine (1990)
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Federal Ministry of Health
  2. Seila technical manual: template designs for local infrastructure projects (2003)
    Seila Programme; Cambodia, Ministry of Rural Development
  3. Small projects training manual: vol 3: sanitation (1987)
    Guoth-Gumberger, Marta; Guoth-Gumberger, Rudi
  4. Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation (SWSS) Project. Latrine and sanitation options manual * (2010)
    McGahey, Christopher; Flanagan, Minnie; ARD Inc; USAID Afghanistan
  5. Controlling and preventing disease: The role of water and environmental sanitation interventions * (2003)
    Rottier, Erik; Ince, Margaret
  6. Upgraded well manual for field workers (1989)
    Blair Research Laboratory; Zimbabwe Ministry of Health
  7. Rural water supply and sanitation handbook for extension workers Volume 1 - Community management (2002)
    Carl Bro International; Uganda, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
  8. Sanitation manual - design procedures: a source of reference on basic sanitary engineering with design criteria for solutions considered appropriate for local conditions. Concentrates on potential problems and available solutions, particularly low-cost techniques for sewage disposal (1990)
    Swedish Association of Local Authorities (SALA)
  9. A trainer's manual for community WASH planning. Book 1 Preparing for community WASH planning. Book 2 Developing the community WASH plan. Book 3 GMF formation and technical capacity building. Book 4 Annexes (2011)
    National Directorate of Water Supply and Sanitation (DNSAS)
  10. Integrated hygiene promotion. A training manual for SHG leaders (2007)
    Johnson, D.; Fernandes, Maria; WaterAid India; European Union


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