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  1. Disruptive design in sanitation marketing: lessons from product and process innovations in Bangladesh * (2015)
    MacArthur, J.
  2. Evolving an effective market based WaSH response whilst responding to the Syria crisis, and more specifically the cooperation with the local Government in Syria itselfÊ * (2015)
    Lamb, Jenny
  3. Mainstreaming social marketing in Tdh WASH interventions in South Asia * (2015)
    Kharal, L.
  4. Replicating the sanitation marketing model of the low-cost product Easy Latrine in Sindh Province, South Pakistan * (2015)
    Awan, D.
  5. Sanitation marketing * (2021)
    Khan, Saqif Nayeem
  6. Should NGOs lead post-emergency sanitation marketing? Experience from Jacmel, Haiti * (2015)
    Mazeau, Adrien P.
  7. Unlocking sanitation markets in Kenya: experiences from the USAID/KIWASH project * (2021)
    Mulatya, Diana
  8. Integrating WASH and nutrition in market-based interventions: principles and results from the field * (2017)
    Lestikow, Greg
  9. Sanitation - the Medinipur story. Intensive Sanitation Project, West Bengal, India (1995)
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  10. Achieving sanitation at scale: Innovative approaches to rural and urban sanitation * (2005)
    Fisher, Julie; Scott, Rebecca; Cotton, Andrew; Sansom, Kevin


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