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  1. Lessons learnt on the implementation of menstrual hygiene management in Karamoja, Uganda * (2017)
    Hekel, Daniel C.
  2. Mainstreaming menstrual hygiene management: lessons from a decade of programme and policy work * (2015)
    Mirza, S. Y.
  3. Social and psychological impact of limited access to sanitation: MHM and reproductive tract infections * (2015)
    Mishra, Vinod Kumar
  4. Universalization of sanitary napkin use is not menstrual hygiene management * (2015)
    Chadha, D.
  5. Faith-based approach to improving menstrual hygiene management (MHM): challenges and successes * (2018)
    Iroegbu, Daniel Ifegwu
  6. Menstrual hygiene management in Ghana: understanding the socio-cultural, economic, political factors, challenges and opportunities * (2017)
    Asimah-Agodoa, Seyram Ama
  7. Menstrual hygiene management to improve attendance of primary school-aged girls in Central North, Burkina Faso * (2017)
  8. Menstrual hygiene: engaging with governments to strengthen programmes of action * (2016)
    Tripathy, Anjali
  9. Practices and effects of menstrual hygiene management in rural Bangladesh * (2017)
    Mondal, Biplob Kanti
  10. Supporting sanitation and hygiene in prisons: WaterAid's support for Bolle detention centre in Mali * (2016)
    Traore, Moussa Alou


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