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  1. Drivers of menstrual material disposal and washing practices: why we cannot ignore the behaviour of individuals when making engineering decisions * (2021)
    Robinson, Hannah
  2. Menstrual hygiene: engaging with governments to strengthen programmes of action * (2016)
    Tripathy, Anjali
  3. Taking women’s different bodily functions into account, including menstruation, in sanitation provision * (2017)
    Greed, Clara
  4. Menstrual hygiene management to improve attendance of primary school-aged girls in Central North, Burkina Faso * (2017)
  5. Menstrual health management in some selected basic schools in Ghana * (2016)
    Abanyie, Samuel
  6. Menstrual hygiene management compliance in primary schools in Uganda: a case of Lira Municipality * (2017)
    Ojuka, Alex
  7. Schoolgirls' experiences of managing menstrual hygiene in Uganda * (2011)
    Crofts, Tracey
  8. Will they cotton on? An investigation into schoolgirls' use of low-cost sanitary pads in Uganda * (2010)
    Crofts, Tracey J.
  9. Moving forward: findings from menstrual hygiene management formative research in Bangladesh * (2017)
    Coultas, Mimi
  10. School menstrual hygiene management in Malawi: more than toilets [based on MSc thesis, Cranfield University] * (2011)
    Pillitteri, Sally Piper


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