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  1. Water resources assessment activities in Malawi (WRB-TP No 16) (1991)
    Malawi, Ministry of Works, Water Resources Branch; Laisi, E.Z.
  2. Meteorological aspects of air pollution (1988)
    Bhalotra, Y.P.R.; Ramothwa, G.K.
  3. Climate of Botswana. Part II: elements of climate (1987)
    Bhalotra, Y.P.R.; Botswana, republic of. Department of Meteorological Services
  4. Hydro-meteorological records from areas of potential agricultural development in Uganda (1965)
    Rijks, D.A.; Owen, W.G.; Uganda Government, Ministry of Mineral and Water Resources
  5. Climatological summaries for Botswana (1984)
    Marriage, Zoe
  6. The drought of 1981-87 in Botswana (1987)
    Bhalotra, Y.P.R.
  7. Hydrological consequences of land use change in Dambo catchments (1985)
    Sibanda, P.N.
  8. Water resources assessment of Ankobra and Tano basins of Ghana (1982)
    Gyau-Boakye, Philip
  9. Characteristics and management of hydrometric stations : a case study in Nigeria (1986)
    Idowu, A.
  10. Statistical pocket book of Bangladesh 1984-85 (1985)
    Bangladesh: Bureau of Statistics


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