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  1. PIHS Pakistan Integrated Household Survey. Population welfare. Round 2: 1996-97 (1999)
    Federal Bureau of statistics; Government of Pakistan, Statistics Division
  2. Morbidity and mortality survey on diarrhoeal diseases in the rural areas of Bangladesh (1983)
    Khan, Md Aftabuddin; Das, Ananda Mohan; Rahman, S.M. Khalihur
  3. Water supply and hygiene education for the city of Kananga [Democratic Republic of Congo]. Final report for USAID (October 2000 through December 2001) (2001)
    International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  4. Critical analysis of the circumstances that affected cholera transmission in Port au Prince, Haiti, during December 2010 unrest (2011)
    Goodwin, Tom
  5. Children's and women's rights in Nigeria: a wake-up call. Situation assessment and analysis 2001 (2001)
    Hodges, Anthony
  6. Botswana Family Health Survey II 1988 (1989)
    Botswana, Central Statistics Office, Ministry of Finance and Development Plann; Family Health division, Ministry of Health; Institute for Resource Development/Macro Systems, Inc. Columbia, Maryland USA; Lesetedi, Lesetedinyana T.; Mompati, Gaboratanelwe D.; Khulumani, Pilate
  7. Emergency refugee health-care - a chronicle of experience in the Khmer assistance operation 1979-1980 (1983)
    Allegra, Donald T.; Nieburg, Phillip; Grabe, Magnus; Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  8. A baseline health and population assessment for the upgrading areas of Amman. A report to the Municipality of Amman Urban Development Department Amman-Jordan (1982)
    The Population Council, West Asia and North Africa