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  1. British aid in water and sanitation projects (1984)
    Blackett, Isabel C.
  2. Facts & Figures, Vol 5 No 11, November 1997. This edition of Facts and Figures deals exclusively with Karachi Water and Sewerage Board affairs which have surfaced as a major issue with press and with NGOs (1997)
  3. Handpump maintenance in South India (third of a series of leaflets) (1998)
    WaterAid South India Office (WASIO)
  4. Operation and maintenance for rural water supply: Iringa District, Tanzania (1995)
    Lyimo, Wilcharles Eljosen Nd
  5. Urban Resource Centre, Karachi. Activity report January - June 2000 (2000)
    Pakistan , Urban Resource Centre (URC)
  6. Hygiene education in South India (first of a series of leaflets) (1998)
    WaterAid South India Office (WASIO)
  7. Major agro-forestry activities of non-governmental organizations in Nepal: a survey (Research Report series Number 10) (1990)
    Research Report Series Number 10; Denholm, Jeanette; Rayachhetry, Min Bahadur; Nepal, HMG Ministry of Agriculture; Winrock International
  8. Water and NGOs: Proceedings of an ODA workshop held at Loughborough University 10 June 1996 * (1996)
    Smout, Ian
  9. The community comes forth (1998)
    Halder, Joseph; NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation
  10. Strategies for urban development in developing countries (1998)
    Sibona, L.S.


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