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  1. A review of the pilot activities in Omusati and Erongo Regions for the period January to June 1999 (1999)
    Nehemia, A.
  2. Feasibility study on water supply to the Oshivelo-Omutsegwonime-Okankolo Area and the related enviromental assessment: Namibia: briefing notes (1999)
    Lund Consulting Engineers; Miriam Truebody Development Consultant; Environmental Evaluation Associates of Namibia
  3. Feasibility study on water supply to the Oshivelp-Omutsegwonime-Okankolo Area and the related enviromental assessment: Namibia (Progress Report No 5) (1999)
    Namibia, Ministry of Agriculture Water and Rural Develpment; Namibia, Department of Water Affairs
  4. Memorandum of understanding between Directorate of Rural Water Supply (DRWS) and Namibia Water Corporation (NAMWATER) (1999)
    Namibia, Department of Water Affairs; Namibia, Water Corporation
  5. Namibia travellers map: scale 1:2,400,000
  6. Namibia water resources management review. Human resources study (1998)
    Inter-ed Ltd
  7. Namibia's environmental assessment policy: for sustainable development and environmental conservation (1994)
    Namibia, Directorate of Environmental Affairs; Namibia, Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  8. Namibia: environmental degradation and the future (1992)
    Marsh, Alan
  9. Programme of cooperation 1997 - 2001, Government of the Republic of Namibia and Unicef (1997)
    Health, Nutrition and Environment Programme
  10. Affordability of basic services under conditions of extreme inequality * (2008)
    Matros-Goreses, A


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