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  1. Training on WASH in the transition from emergency to development in earthquake affected areas of Nepal * (2016)
    Boudreau, Lee
  2. Water supply and sanitation in Nepal. 1990 status report. Part 1: sector overview (1990)
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  3. Assessment of urine-diverting EcoSan toilets in Nepal (2008)
    Tuladhar, Bhusan
  4. Bhaktapur development project. Experiences in preservation and restoration in a medieval town (1974-1985) (1986)
    Parajuli, Yogeshwar K.; Amatya, Dr. S; Sturzbecher, Dr. K.; German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
  5. Corruption in infrastructure provision and service delivery at the municipal level in Nepal: Case study * (2007)
    Shrestha, Purusottam Man; Sohail, M.
  6. Ecological sanitation latrines: the experience of Nepal (2008)
    WaterAid Nepal
  7. Handbook on community-wide water safety planning. "Water safety plan for continuous safety of drinking water" (2013)
    Khatri, Namraj; Mahato, Guneshwar; Nepal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development; Nepal, Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads (DoLIDAR)
  8. Impact of climate change on WASH Services: a case from Nepal * (2018)
    Ahmad, Tameez
  9. Institution building and rural development in Nepal: Gadkhar Water users committee (Natural Resource Management Paper Series Number 8) (1987)
    Natural Resource Management Paper Series Number 8; Upendra, Gautam; Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development; Nepal, HMG Ministry of Agriculture; US Agency for International Development (USAID); German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ); International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
  10. Irrigation rehabilitation and improvement. (volume 1 & 2) (1987)
    Field, P.D.H.


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