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  1. Groundwater research department: draft final report vol 2: borehole completion reports (1986)
    Lagos, Federal Department of Water Resources; Kaduna National Water Resources Institute; MRT Consulting Engineers (Nigeria) Ltd
  2. Brief on Niger State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RUWATSAN) Project (2001)
  3. Completion of biwater schemes in Niger State (1987)
    Aliyu, Abdullahi Ndagi
  4. Government of Niger State of Nigeria estimates 2000. Approved budget (2000)
    Nigeria, Niger State
  5. Report on traditional latrines, beliefs, hygiene practices and perception (1995)
    Okuofu, Charles A.; Shaibu-Imodagbe, E. M.; Omar, Bilkisu; Odigie, L. I.
  6. Improving Minna water systems through control of unaccounted for water (1987)
    Ndanusa, Alh M.S.
  7. Water Resources Management Strategy. Report on participation and consultation process at the local government level in Kaduna and Niger States (2001)
    Iyoha, Helen O.
  8. Kontagora water supply extension (1981)
    Abdullahi, A.A.
  9. FGN/UNICEF Water and Environmental Sanitation Programme, Nigeria. Part four: appendices (2001)
    Jawara, D.; Barker, P.; Colin, J.S.; Hellandendu, J.; Okuofu, C.; Parry-Jones, Sarah; Yakubu, M.; Wedgwood, A.
  10. Low-income sites and services programme in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria (1992)
    Aliyu, Al Hassan


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