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  1. (Archive) Metropolitan Kano: report on the twenty year development plan 1963-1983 (2 Vols.) (1966)
    Nigeria, Federal Republic of, Greater Kano Planning Authority; Trevallion, B.A.W.
  2. (Archive) Sokoto S.E. sheet 10 S.E. map: scale 1:50,000 (1967)
    Nigeria, Federal Surveys
  3. (Archive) The technique of well sinking in Nigeria (1937)
    Nigeria, Government of; Cochran, H. A.
  4. 1977 Vol 14 No 2 (1977)
    Journal of Mining and Geology, Nigeria
  5. A strategy for ground water supply in rural development Sokoto State - Nigeria (1980)
    Deschamps, J.M.; Sokoto State, Government of, Nigeria, Federal Department of Rural Development
  6. Abuja Capital Territory Nigeria, development control standards and regulations (1986)
    Nigeria, Federal Republic of, Federal Capital Development Authority
  7. Abuja, achievements of the Ministry of Federal Capital Territory 1985 to 1992
    Nigeria, Federal Republic of, Ministry of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja; Efua Media Associates Ltd
  8. Abuja: the making of a new capital city for Nigeria (2nd ed) (1986)
    Nigeria, Federal Republic of, Federal Capital Development Authority
  9. Advice on the Water Investment, Mobilization and Application Guidelines strategic framework document - Report 1 * (2007)
    Hunt, Doug; Ekanem, Gabriel; Atkins Ltd
  10. Agroclimatological observations at Moor plantation, memorandum no. 199 (1976)
    Nigeria, Federal Republic of, National Cereals Research Institute; Olaniyan, G.O.


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