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  1. G017: Measuring chemical concentrations in water supplies * (2017)
    Reed, B J; Smith, Michael; Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken
  2. G017: Measuring concentrations of chemicals in water * (2017)
    Smith, M.D.; Reed, B J; Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken
  3. Impact of anthropogenic activities and salinity on groundwater quality in a typical coastal basin, West Africa * (2021)
    Egbi, Courage Davidson
  4. E. coli contamination of mountain springs used for drinking water and drilled well alternatives * (2018)
    Resto, Monica
  5. Qualitative and quantitative study of infiltration water (1981)
    Ibrahim, Hayder Zayed
  6. Birzeit Water Drops - Official Bulletin of the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies (IEWS) Birzeit University - Palestine. BWD No.4 September 2006 * (2006)
    Institute of Environmental and Water Studies (IEWS); Mimi, Ziad A
  7. Hydrochemistry and hydrogeology of Jos-Plateau waters (1991)
    Isa-Gonzuk, L
  8. Magnitude and sources of water pollution in Botswana: final report (1990)
    Botswana, Republic of. Department of Water Affairs; WLPU Consultants
  9. Using KDF for removing metals and nitrate from water (1991)
    Abisabo, D.A.
  10. The hydrogeochemical atlas of Sri Lanka (1985)
    Dissanayake, C.B.; Weerasooriya, S.V.R.; Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka


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