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  1. Effect of different income housing zones on effluent quality of Biofil toilet waste digesters in Accra, Ghana * (2016)
    Amoah, Philip
  2. Where there's muck, there's brass: creating sustainable franchise micro-businesses to do water services operation and maintenance in South Africa * (2013)
    Wall, Kevin
  3. Rheology of sludge in pour-flush toilets: Understanding the requirements for pit emptying technology design * (2017)
    Sindall, Rebecca
  4. A protocol to manage the potential of groundwater contamination from on site sanitation (includes 2 computer disks) * (1997)
    National Sanitation Co-ordination Office (NaSCO); Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF); Directorate of Geohydrology
  5. Groundwater, latrines and health * (1999)
    Cave, Ben; Kolsky, Pete
  6. Large-scale sanitation programme, climate trends, aquifer vulnerability and public health impact: a study from two Indian states * (2021)
    Umar, Asad
  7. An investigation of the risk posed by on-plot sanitation to potable water supply in Kitgum Town Council [Distance Learning] (2011)
    Kidega, Geoffrey Willy
  8. Birzeit Water Drops - Official Bulletin of the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies (IEWS) Birzeit University - Palestine. BWD No.4 September 2006 * (2006)
    Institute of Environmental and Water Studies (IEWS); Mimi, Ziad A
  9. G025: Simple pit latrines * (2014)
    Reed, Bob; Scott, Rebecca; Shaw, Rod
  10. Faecal sludge emptying services in Trinidad (2016)
    Ifill, Shervon


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