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  1. Professionalisation of local WASH actors: a public-private partnership model for WASH effectiveness * (2015)
    Harvey, A.
  2. A review of public-private partnerships in the water and environmental sanitation sector in India. Final report (1999)
    Mehta, Meera; Water and Environmental Sanitation Group; Department For International Development (DFID)
  3. Public private partnerships (PPP) in emergencies: the case of Dollow water management company, Gedo region * (2018)
    Were, Rispa
  4. Football as a catalyst for improving WASH services in schools in Kenya * (2018)
    Makanyi, Agnes M.
  5. Measuring the hydraulic functionality of PPP-managed water supply infrastructure in Madagascar * (2016)
    Ermilio, Jordan
  6. Public-private partnership for inclusive sanitation in informal and peri-urban areas of Ouagadougou * (2016)
    Sow, J. A.
  7. The role of entrepreneurs in provision and sustainable operations of sanitation facilities in public places in Nigeria * (2018)
    Khan, Farooq
  8. Formally engaging the private sector for fecal sludge management services: experiences from six African cities * (2018)
    Tillett, Will
  9. Guidelines for private sector participation in municipal service delivery
    South Africa, Department of Constitutional Development
  10. Improving the private water supply schemes in the Sultanate of Oman (2002)
    Mukhtar, Osama O.


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