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  1. Partnerships in sanitation service management and infrastructure provision in Kumasi, Ghana * (2015)
    Nyarko, K.
  2. Franchising principles for improved sustainability and reliability of water and sanitation services * (2009)
    Wall, Kevin
  3. Partnering to combat corruption in infrastructure services: A toolkit * (2007)
    Sohail, M.; Cavill, S.
  4. Services for the urban poor: 2. Working with partners - guidance for policymakers, planners and engineers * (2000)
    Cotton, Andrew; Tayler, Kevin
  5. Synergy and complementarity for sustainability of WASH programmes: the case of WASH Alliance Kenya * (2018)
    Miriti, Mercy
  6. PPP and the Poor: Private Sector Participation and the Poor, 2 - Implementation * (2002)
    Halcrow Management Sciences; Sohail, M.
  7. Contracting out water and sanitation services - Vol. 1: Guidance notes for service and management contracts in developing countries * (2003)
    Sansom, Kevin; Franceys, Richard; Morales-Reyes, Javier I; Njiru, Cyrus
  8. PPP and the Poor: Case Report 2 - Bulk water consumers of the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board * (2003)
    Ahmed, Noman; Khan, Saleemullah; NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi; Sohail, M.
  9. PPP and the Poor: Case Report 3 - Awami tanks in Orangi town, Karachi, Pakistan * (2003)
    Ahmed, Noman; Khan, Muhammad Younus; Khan, Saleemullah; Ahmed, Iftekhar; NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi; Sohail, M.
  10. PPP and the Poor: Case Study - Bolivia, South America. A perspective on water supply and sanitation. * (2003)
    Walton, Barry; Sohail, M.


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