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  1. National Water and Sewerage Corporation conditions of service and staff regulations 1995 (1995)
    Uganda, National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC)
  2. Organizational and training needs assessment of Tangail Pourashava, Bangladesh * (2000)
    Ahmed, Musleh Uddin; University of Dhaka; Support for Implementation of National Plans of Action (SINPA); Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Rotterdam
  3. Utilization of technical manpower (NTRC -58) (1981)
    National Transport Research Centre; NTRC; Pakistan, Government of. Planning Commission; Farouk, M.A.
  4. National Water and Sewerage Corporation: Restructuring consultancy Final report Appendix XI: Job descriptions Directorate of Technical Services (1995)
    Kasozi-Kaaya, C.F.; Kabumba, I.; Balamaze Lwanga, H.
  5. Small projects training manual: vol 1: administration and community development (1987)
    Guoth-Gumberger, Marta; Guoth-Gumberger, Rudi
  6. Water Sector Development Group. Report on human resource development (1994)
    Kearsey, John; Chiwala, Bernard; Water Sector Development Group; Programme Co-ordination Unit; Ministry of Energy and Water Development; Zambia, Republic of
  7. Management training for rural water supply and sanitation schemes (1991)
    Johnson, Esuamfon