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  1. Wastewater treatment using artificial wetlands * (2002)
    Maciaszek, E
  2. Earthquake resistant housing in Peru. Building in partnership (1997)
    Lowe, Lucky; Intermediate Technology
  3. Evaluation of the San Juan stabilization ponds: final research report of the first phase (1980)
    Yanez, Fabian; Pan American Centre for Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences (CEPIS; International Development Research Centre (IDRC); Pan American Health Organization (PAHO); Peruvian Ministry of Health
  4. La energ?a al servicio del sector rural. A: Cartilla del evaluacion tecnologica. 1: (1990)
    Hadzich, Miguel; Valverde, Quino; Canziani, Franco; Chavez, David; Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru; Departamento de Ingenieria
  5. The private sector and sanitation for the poor: a promising approach for inclusive markets in Peru (Waterlines Vol 27 No 4, Oct 2008, pp307 - 322) (2008)
    Fuertes, Patricia; Baskovich, Malva Rosa; Zevallos, Mercedes; Brikke, Francois; World Bank
  6. Participacion comunitaria en agua y saneamiento (community participation in water and sanitation) Vision general del proyecto SEDAPAL-SUM Canada en Lima Metropolitana 1982-2000 (2000)
    Trevett, Andrew; Servicio Universitario Mundial del Canada (SUM Canada)
  7. From subsidizing to segmenting: the changing role of non-governmental organizations in sanitation provision * (2011)
    Fogelberg, Kate
  8. Experiences with strategic planning for rural drinking water and sanitation in district municipalities. Pilot project to improve district water and sanitation management and sustainability - PROPILAS (2006)
    PROPILAS; Water and Sanitation Program - Latin America and the Caribbean Region; Water and Sanitation Program (WSP)
  9. Stakeholder participation in Latin America (1996)
    Olley, Jane Elizabeth
  10. The ethno-politics of water security. Contestations of ethnicity and gender in strategies to control water in the Andes of Peru (PhD thesis Wageningen University) (2011)
    Delgado, Juana Rosa Vera; Wageningen University