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  1. PPP and the Poor: Private Sector Participation and the Poor, 3 - Regulation * (2002)
    Halcrow Management Sciences; Sohail, M.
  2. PPP and the Poor: Water and sanitation tariffs for the poor. Guidance notes * (2004)
    Sohail, M.
  3. PPP and the Poor: Case Study - Revisiting Queenstown, South Africa * (2005)
    Palmer Development Group; Sohail, M.
  4. A review of public-private partnerships in the water and environmental sanitation sector in India. Final report (1999)
    Mehta, Meera; Water and Environmental Sanitation Group; Department For International Development (DFID)
  5. Analysis of stakeholders in the sanitation sector on the example of Arba Minch; Ethiopia * (2009)
    Drewko, Aleksandra
  6. Private sector involvement in rural water supply: Case studies from Uganda * (2009)
    Koestler, Lucrezia
  7. Public private partnerships (PPP) in emergencies: the case of Dollow water management company, Gedo region * (2018)
    Were, Rispa
  8. Republic of Ghana. Increased private sector participation in the urban water sector. Final business framework report (1998)
    Louis Berger S.A.; Ghana Ministry of Works and Housing
  9. Supporting private entrepreneurs to deliver public goods: Engaging sanitation entrepreneurs * (2009)
    Schaub-Jones, David
  10. Yerevan water supply. Going private gradually. Armenia makes gains taking transitional route through private water * (2008)
    Alipalo, Melissa; Chiplunkar, Anand; Flor, Mai; Asian Development Bank (ADB)


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