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  1. Water resources assessment, water supply planning and rehabilitation surveys: hydrogeological & geophysical surveys: Gedo Region, Somalia (2002)
    Gajsek, Christian; Gicheruh, C.M.; International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC); Earth Water Ltd
  2. Water sector planning & associated investment program 2002-2011 (2002)
    Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of, Ministry of Water and Irrigation
  3. Creating sustained usage of household water treatment: a case study from Kagera, Tanzania * (2017)
    Besteman, Maria
  4. Economic/project appraisals and financial analysis studies. Part one: economic and financial viability of urban infrastructures including measurement of social affordability and economic viability of infrastructure options. (1990)
    Swedish Association of Local Authorities (SALA)
  5. Evaluation of Northern Plains Irrigation Project: Mauritius. Volume 1: main report (Evaluation report EV 500) (1990)
    Overseas Development Administration, Evaluation Department; ODA; Jones, D.; Taylor, A.; Weatherhead, E.; Kennard, R.
  6. Guidelines for private sector participation in municipal service delivery
    South Africa, Department of Constitutional Development
  7. Planning for WASHE at district level. Manual 5 (2000)
    WASHE (Water Sanitation Health Education) in Zambia; National WASHE Coordination & Training Team (N-WASHE)
  8. Project implementation manual for use by project communities [Zambia]. Volume 1 (1994)
    Collinson, Barbara; Sythes, Boyd; Zambia, Government of the Republic of; National Commission for Development Planning; Microprojects Unit
  9. Rural water supply and environmental sanitation programme in India: final progress report (July 1994 - December 1995) PBA Ref SC/91/0453/1 (1996)
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Government of Sweden
  10. Rural water supply and environmental sanitation programme in India: first progress report (July 1990 - June 1992) PBA Ref SC/91/0453 (1992)
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Government of Sweden


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