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  1. Why do women in India not use public toilets? : patterns and determinants of usage by women in Warangal City * (2017)
    Reddy, Malini
  2. LGBTI and sanitation: what we know and what the gaps are * (2017)
    Hueso, Andres
  3. Making sanitation accessible to all: accessibility audit of public toilets in Ujjain City * (2018)
    Kumar, Chanchal
  4. Rejuvenation of community toilets * (2006)
    Water for Asian Cities Programme, India; UN-HABITAT; Government of Madhya Pradesh, Directorate of Urban Administration & Development
  5. Sulabh Shauchalaya: a study of directed change (1982)
    Sulabh International; Pathak, Bindeshwar
  6. Communal toilets in urban poverty pockets: use and user satisfaction associated with seven communal toilet facilities in Bhopal, India * (2010)
    Biran, Adam; Jenkins, Marion; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)
  7. Improving the quality of public toilet services in Kumasi, Ghana * (2016)
    Craig, Rebecca
  8. Selling sanitation in Nairobi's slums [Distance Learning] (2009)
    Bayha, Megan
  9. Innovative sanitation. Case study: the MobiSan approach in informal settlements of Cape Town. (2009)
    Naranjo, Aytor
  10. Using the Shit/Excreta Flow Diagrams - SFDS - for modelling future scenarios in Kumasi, Ghana * (2016)
    Fernandez Martinez, Lara