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  1. Artificial recharge into the Kuwait group at Ar-Raudhafain (1982)
    Omar, Sara A. Alsayed
  2. Artificial groundwater recharge of the Wadi Aljizzi catchment, Sohar (1996)
    Al-Jabri, Kassim Mana
  3. Qualitative and quantitative study of infiltration water (1981)
    Ibrahim, Hayder Zayed
  4. The Merti aquifer in Kenya: a sustainable water resource for the Dadaab refugee camps * (2016)
    Blandenier, Lucien
  5. Groundwater recharge using wastewater: state of the art and potential for small communities of low and middle income countries (2011)
    Miyamoto, Ayako
  6. Recharge ponds handbook for WASH Programme (2013)
    Nepal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development; Nepal, Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads (DoLIDAR)
  7. Water resources evaluation and artificial groundwater recharge of the Chad formation aquifers in Nigeria (1985)
    Adegoke, O.A.
  8. Rain water harvesting (1990)
    Government of India; India, Department of Rural Development; India, Ministry of Agriculture
  9. Ground water potentials of Daura Emirate, Kaduna State Nigeria (1987)
    Abisogun, Olamide O.
  10. Towards sustainable groundwater management for refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya * (2013)
    Burt, Murray


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