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  1. Impacts of Munshimbili Dam Project in Zambia on the relocated people and environment [Distance Learning] (2009)
    Mulambo, Cledwin
  2. Alau dam case study in Borno State of Nigeria (1986)
    Mshelizah, D.I.
  3. Managing water adequacy, reliability and safety challenges through sustainable strategies in a mine-catchment community * (2013)
    Baidoo, J.
  4. The long road home:opportunities and obstacles to the reintegration of IDPs and refugees returning to Southern Sudan and the Three Areas. Report of Phase II: conflict, urbanisation and land * (2008)
    Pantuliano, Sara; Buchanan-Smith, Margie; Murphy, Paul; Mosel, Irina; ODI Humanitarian Policy Group
  5. Community participation in China: issues and processes in capacity building (2004)
    Plummer, Janelle; Taylor, John G.