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  1. The tube recharge: a household option that increases climate resilience * (2021)
    Holstag, Henk
  2. Individual water sourcing: understanding risks and resilience to groundwater resource abstraction in Nigeria * (2017)
    Healy, Adrian
  3. Sustainability of ODF status of selected communities in disaster-prone areas in the eastern part of Indonesia * (2017)
    Kurniawan, Muhammad Afrianto
  4. Building resilient WASH sector: experiences from Bangladesh and Uganda * (2021)
    Neray, Agnes
  5. Addressing challenges of water resilience: a study of water security risk in pastoralist households in Kenya * (2018)
    Balfour, Nancy
  6. Climate impacts on household sanitation and responses: data from low-income urban areas in Indonesia * (2021)
    Kohlitz, Jeremy
  7. WASH and community resilience: field experience from Assam Floods 2012 * (2013)
    Krishnan, Sneha
  8. Resilience in the humanitarian sphere: stimulating resilience for recovery * (2013)
    King, Katrice
  9. Facing the challenges of climate change: issues, impacts and adaptation strategies for Bangladesh with focus on water and waste management (2009)
    Rahman, M. Habibur; Alam, Md. Jobair Bin; ITN - Bangladesh
  10. Sudan's SDG-6 journey: learnings for countries in similar challenging contexts * (2021)
    Nadar, Kannan


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