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  1. Rethinking drinking water security: a disaster-risk management approach for the geogenic water quality problem areas * (2021)
    Prasad, Uday Shankar
  2. Establishing community based early warning system: practitioner's handbook * (2010)
    Mercy Corps Nepal; Practical Action Nepal
  3. Public health risk assessment and interventions. Earthquake: Haiti. January 2010 * (2010)
    WHO World Health Organization; Disease Control in Humanitarian Emergencies (DCE)
  4. Risk of bacteriolgical quality deterioration of potable water in the state initated public housing schemes * (2011)
    Dissanayake, Madara Samanmali
  5. The role of local institutions in reducing vulnerability to recurrent natual disasters and in sustainable livelihoods development in high risk areas. Case study * (2003)
    Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)
  6. Safe water guide for the Australian aid program 2005. A framework and guidance for managing water quality * (2005)
    Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)
  7. Field assessment of risks associated with Cryptosporidium parvum Surveillance for Cryptosporidium risk (2005)
    Hinson, Christopher A.
  8. Water safety plans - Book 1: Planning water safety management for urban piped water supplies in developing countries * (2005)
    Godfrey, Sam; Howard, Guy
  9. Flooding, vulnerabilities and coping strategies in the Lower Tana River, Kenya (2007)
    Retief, Ronelle Helen
  10. Framework to assess and mitigate risks to the urban poor from handling healthcare waste in low-income countries (2000)
    McGlinchey, Vance


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