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  1. Resilient against the elements: the preparedness and response to cyclone Phailin by the state of Odisha, India * (2014)
    Mommen, Brecht Anne
  2. Stimulating resilience for recovery: building adaptive resilience in emergency WASH response in Haiti, the Philippines and Lebanon * (2014)
    King, Katrice
  3. Emergency and Humanitarian Action Programme in Bangladesh: building capacities for risk reduction (2004)
    Bangladesh Centre for Health Emergency Preparedness & Response; Bangladesh, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
  4. Markets for WASH: from preparedness to response against typhoid and cholera outbreaks in Zimbabwe * (2018)
    Ngala, Parvin
  5. Integrating disaster risk management in a WASH programme in Nepal * (2021)
    Shrestha, Arinita Maskey
  6. Options for flood risk and damage reduction in Bangladesh (2006)
    Siddiqui, Kamal Uddin; Hossain, A.N.H. Akhtar
  7. Handbook on climate change and disaster resilient water, sanitation and hygiene practices * (2012)
  8. Operational research on water safety plans: implementations in India, DRC, Fiji, and Vanuatu * (2017)
    String, Gabrielle
  9. Lessons learned from drinking water safety and security planning in Vanuatu: 2016-2020 * (2021)
    Keimel, Annaliese
  10. Rethinking drinking water security: a disaster-risk management approach for the geogenic water quality problem areas * (2021)
    Prasad, Uday Shankar


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