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  1. Evaluation of the hydrology of Upper Kafue Basin, Zambia (1987)
    Makwaya, J.J.
  2. Market-based instruments for water pollution control in the People's Republic of China * (2011)
    Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  3. Water conservation in Indonesia: an overview of experiences, problems and perspectives (prepared for Ad hoc expert group on water use efficiency and conservation, UNESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand, 6-9 Nov 2000) (2000)
    Gany, A. Hafield A.
  4. Assistance to farmer-managed irrigation systems: results, lessons, and recommendations for an action-research project (IIMI Country Paper - Nepal - No. 3) (1990)
    IIMI Country Paper, Nepal No 3; International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI); Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS)
  5. Catchment yield with scanty data (1982)
    Bello, A.O.
  6. Groundwater potentials for major aquifers in Anambra basin, Anambra State, Nigeria (1986)
    Oty, Raymond C.
  7. Situation analysis of the Wami River Basin. Report for the Wami/Ruvu Basin Water Office supported by IUCN (2009)
    Ngana, James; Mahay, Florence; Cross, Katharine; Wami/Ruvu Basin Water Office (WRBWO)
  8. China: Water sector development project (WSDP) Water resources demand management (WRDM) phase 1 report (draft) March 2003 (2003)
  9. Considerations in the design of intakes with high sediment loads (1988)
    Kipkurui, J.N.
  10. Hydrometeorological studies in Kano State: Tiga Water Reservoir 1987 (1987)
    Musa, Mohammad; WRECA Water Resources and Engineering Construction Agency


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