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  1. Peasant perceptions - Famine credit needs sanitation (Rural study series 03) (1984)
    Bangladesh: Rural Advancement Committee; BRAC
  2. The net - Power Struggle in ten villages (Rural study series 02) (1983)
    Bangladesh: Rural Advancement Committee; BRAC
  3. Report on traditional latrines, beliefs, hygiene practices and perception (1995)
    Okuofu, Charles A.; Shaibu-Imodagbe, E. M.; Omar, Bilkisu; Odigie, L. I.
  4. A Digital Toolkit for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Rural WASH Projects * (2021)
    Songa, Philip
  5. Gram Vikas annual report 2001 - 2002 (2001)
    Gram Vikas
  6. Rural enterprise in renewable energy development. A case study of the biogas programme of Gram Vikas in Orissa (2001)
    Gram Vikas; Winrock International
  7. Rural Health and Environment Programme. An alternate paradigm for sustainable transformation of rural areas (2001)
    Gram Vikas
  8. Opportunities and constraints for more sustainable sanitation through sanitation marketing in Malawi: case study from Mzimba and Lilongwe districts * (2011)
    Kappauf, Leonie
  9. Reorganising rural squatters along the Nicoya Gulf (1990)
    Wong-Sanchez, M.A.
  10. Transforming organizations by learning and adaptation: process monitoring in the NWFP Community Infrastructure Project (CIP) *
    Viloria, Julie; Hosain, Mehreen; SASIN; WSP-SA


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