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  1. "Nirmal Gujarat" - An integrated approach to total sanitation in Gujarat * (2009)
    Vyasa, Vinay
  2. Challenges and strategies for meeting the sanitation MDG target by 2015 * (2009)
    Zulu, Giveson
  3. Single door approach for planning; implementation and operation of rural WATSAN projects in Nepal * (2009)
    Basnet, Mohan
  4. A comparative analysis of the impact of hygiene promotion and sanitation marketing in rural Ethiopia * (2017)
    Garbutt, Camila
  5. CLTS: Lessons learnt from a pilot project in Timor Leste * (2009)
    Noy, Evelyn
  6. Community and small town self-selection process under sector reform programme in Nigeria * (2009)
    Adegoke, Yetunde Adegoke
  7. Impacts of climate vulnerable environments on effective sanitation and FSM in rural Cambodia * (2021)
    Abdel-Sattar, Rana
  8. 40;000 Eco-toilets in Ethiopia in 4 years: What makes it work? * (2009)
    Simpson-Hebert, Mayling
  9. Capacity building in Cambodia's rural local governments for the sanitation market * (2017)
    Worsham, Kimberly
  10. Community financing of rural water supplies in Timor-Leste * (2011)
    Grumbley, Alex


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