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  1. Return of refugees - emergency or development * (1997)
    Gould, Toby
  2. Formulation of water and sanitation policies and strategies: experiences from Rwanda * (2017)
    Malik, Murtaza
  3. Rural WASH programming: experiences from Rwanda * (2017)
    Malik, Murtaza
  4. Military assistance in humanitarian relief (1995)
    Anderson, M.E.
  5. UNICEF toilet solutions for child-friendly schools in Rwanda * (2009)
    Ginoulhiac, Luca
  6. Child friendly school infrastructure. Standards and guidelines. Primary and Tronc Commun schools * (2009)
    Hirano, Seki; Rwanda Ministry of Education
  7. Performance of community health clubs in transforming sanitation and hygiene conditions * (2017)
    Ekane, Nelson
  8. Military involvement in water conflict (2006)
    Slaughter, Damian
  9. Sanitation and hygiene policy - stated beliefs and actual practice: a case study in the Burera District, Rwanda * (2012)
    Ekane, Nelson; Kjellen, Marianne; Noel, Stacey; Fogde, Madeleine; Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
  10. Nile Basin Initiative. Strategic action program. Overview (2001)
    International Consortium for Cooperation on the Nile (ICCON); Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat; World Bank


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