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  1. Bacterial removal in slow sand filters (1982)
    Sharma, Madhav Prasad
  2. National policy for arsenic mitigation 2004 and implementation plan for arsenic mitigation in Bangladesh (2004)
    Bangladesh, Government of; Local Government Division; Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Co-operatives
  3. A report on the development of a pond sand filter for saline problem areas (1989)
    Department of Public Health Engineering Government of the People's Republic of; DPHE; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  4. Comparison slow sand filtration and conventional treatment (1989)
    Abidin, Abdul Razak Zainal
  5. Pilot filter plant for developing countries (1982)
    Burnett, J.A.
  6. Report on study of pond sand filters (1991)
  7. Simple rapid sand filters (1987)
    Wisumperuma, K.U.
  8. Water filter for your home. Technical guide (1987)
    Sadzik, P.; National Institute for Water Research; CSIR; Appropriate Technology Division; South Africa, Department of Health and Population Development
  9. Performance of sari cloth protected biosand filter (2008)
    Jirma, H.A.
  10. Small scale water purification for low income communities in Ethiopia (1998)
    Gebru, Debru B.


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