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  1. Innovative sanitation. Case study: the MobiSan approach in informal settlements of Cape Town. (2009)
    Naranjo, Aytor
  2. Integrated development for water supply and sanitation: Proceedings of the 25th WEDC Conference, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1999 * (1999)
    Pickford, John
  3. Investing in the next generation. Children grow taller, and smarter, in rural villages of Lao PDR where all community members use improved sanitation. (Scaling up Rural Sanitation) * (2014)
  4. PIHS Pakistan Integrated Household Survey. Round 2: 1996-97 (1999)
    Federal Bureau of statistics; Government of Pakistan, Statistics Division
  5. Promoting solar water disinfection in schools: experiences and lessons learnt in Latin America * (2011)
    Schute, M
  6. Promotion of rural sanitation in Bangladesh with private sector participation (1991)
    Chadha, Skylark; Strauss, Martin; Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC)
  7. Sustainable sanitation promotion in Nigeria: A mix of Approaches. * (2009)
    Ogunjobi, Bioye
  8. The role of information and communications technology in real-time monitoring for quality WASH infrastructure * (2017)
    Darko, Philip
  9. Water in expanding cities - a case study of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India (Master of Science Degree Project) (1996)
    Bergh, Gunilla; Nordberg, Pia; Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden; KTH
  10. Water, sanitation and hygiene - Challenges of the Millennium: Proceedings of the 26th WEDC Conference, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2000 * (2001)
    Pickford, John


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