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  1. How the technical approach of projects impacts the sanitation sector in developing countries such as Lebanon * (2016)
    Ricau, Marine
  2. Human waste management in first phase response, protecting ground water and human health: a case study from Haiyan 2013 * (2014)
    Parsa, H
  3. Hydrothermal treatment of human biowastes as an alternative sanitation strategy * (2014)
    Afolabi, Oluwasola
  4. Hygiene promotion in emergencies: a fortuitous comparison: the case of Bentiu IDP Camps, Unity state, South Sudan * (2014)
    Flachenberg, Franck
  5. Increasing private sanitation investments: the Urban Affordable Clean Toilets (U-ACT) project * (2014)
    Horst, Alexandra
  6. Is manure from ecological sanitation latrines safe for use to fertilize crops? A review of evidence from literature * (2014)
    Kumwenda, Save
  7. Learning from implementation of the sanitation and hygiene master plan in Nepal * (2015)
    Adhikari, A. K.
  8. Learning opportunities for sanitation improvements in informal settlements of East African cities * (2014)
    Okurut, Kenan
  9. Life and dignity at risk. The water, sanitation and hygiene sector in Liberia * (2010)
    Liberia WASH Consortium; Oxfam GB; Action Contre la Faim (ACF); CONCERN; Solidarites; Tearfund
  10. Meeting the needs of schools and communities through improved WASH interventions in Kenya * (2013)
    Kombija, Anne Atieno


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