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  1. Arriyadh rising groundwater management study: domestic water conservation (1989)
    Pickford, J.A.; Franceys, R.W.A.; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC); Arriyadh Development Authority
  2. Fourth development plan 1405-1410 AH (1985-1990 AD) (1985)
    Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of; Ministry of Planning
  3. Riyadh Region Water and Sewerage Authority (in arbabic)
    Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of
  4. Umm Er Radhuma study: hydrology report (1979)
    Groundwater Development Consultants (International) Ltd; Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Agriculture and Water; Umm Er Radhuma Study
  5. Leakage control in Riyadh (1988)
    Al-Salem, Hamed S.