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  1. Securing water resources to build community resilience to water threats and climate variability in the Sahel * (2016)
    Damiba, Lucien
  2. Health, food security and equity, socio-economic factors in self-supply investment * (2017)
    Sutton, Sally
  3. Terra Preta Sanitation: a new tool for sustainable sanitation in urban areas? * (2013)
    Windberg, Constanze
  4. Accountability and advocacy interventions in the water sector: a review of global evidence * (2021)
    Brewer, Tim
  5. Emotional wellbeing as a proxy indicator for water security among pastoralists in Afar, Ethiopia * (2018)
    Cooper, Sarah
  6. Equitable urban water security: beyond household connections * (2021)
    Grasham, Catherine
  7. Water security planning (WSP) for sustainable water resources management in West Africa * (2018)
    Gbevillah, Felix
  8. Strengthening the 'W' in WASH: community based water resource management for water security * (2013)
    Damiba, Lucien
  9. The sustainability of hand pumps in Konso District, Ethiopia from a household water security perspective [Distance Learning] (2012)
    Arlt, Manfred
  10. The long road home:opportunities and obstacles to the reintegration of IDPs and refugees returning to Southern Sudan and the Three Areas. Report of Phase II: conflict, urbanisation and land * (2008)
    Pantuliano, Sara; Buchanan-Smith, Margie; Murphy, Paul; Mosel, Irina; ODI Humanitarian Policy Group


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