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  1. Management of hydrological drought in Malawi - a case study from Linthipe river basin (1996)
    Mikuwa, M. K.
  2. Geology of Nepal Himalaya and adjacent countries (1990)
    Sharma, Chandra K.
  3. High levels of suspended material in the Caroni River (1987)
    Tota-Maharaj, T.
  4. Groundwater quality in shallow unconfined sedimentary aquifers in Bida, Nigeria * (2016)
    Abdullahi, Idris-Nda
  5. Poster 002: The three-pot water treatment system * (2013)
    Skinner, B.H.; Shaw, Rod
  6. An investigation of water treatment using co-current inclined plates sedimentation (2012)
    Chen, Xiaolong
  7. Chemicals for assisted sedimentation in emergency water treatment (2004)
    Myles, Meghan
  8. Inlet zones of sedimentation tanks (1991)
    Teklemariam, A.
  9. Sedimentation in circular storage tanks (1981)
    Perry, J.D.
  10. Sandstorms as a source of sediment in urban drainage system in low-income countries (case study of Maiduguri - Nigeria) (2010)
    Alhaji Isa, Ayuba


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