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  1. Guidelines for the selection and implementation of sustainable sanitation systems for the reconstruction in Aceh and Nias (Draft) For government and international agencies and organizations engaged in housing projects in Aceh and Nias * (2007)
    German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ); OXFAM; International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC); United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  2. Low-cost sanitation: A survey of practical experience (1995)
    Pickford, John
  3. China: nightsoil management improvement study in Hubei (RWSGEAP environmental sanitation study) (1995)
    UNDP - World Bank Water and Sanitation Program; Regional Water & Sanitation Group East Asia & Pacific (RWSGEAP); International Reference Centre for Waste Disposal (IRCWD)
  4. Sanitation for Gulu municipality (1986)
    Cong, Richard
  5. Sanitation in rural areas: an outline of principles and problems (1957)
    Rhodesia, Ministry of Health
  6. The impacts of on-site septic tank wastewater disposal in Kampala city * (2011)
    Kagwisagye, Sam
  7. Botswana rural sanitation costs and tariff study. Final report (1989)
    Botswana, Republic of, Ministry of Local Government and Lands; Interconsult, Sweden AB
  8. Sustainable sanitation systems that comply with the building codes for Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam * (2006)
    Martijn, Ernst-Jan; Widodo, Hendro; van't Hoff, Norm; Merkelijn, Aart; Mor, Christoph; USAID Environmental Services Program (ESP)
  9. An assessment of improved alternatives to conservancy tanks in Maseru (1986)
    Makhetha, S.N.
  10. Emergency excreta disposal standards and options for Haiti (final draft) * (2010)
    Reed, Bob; Direction Nationale de l'Eau Potable at de l'Assainissement (DINEPA); Global WASH Cluster


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