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  1. Rural water service delivery and innovations in Uganda * (2016)
    Rugumayo, Albert
  2. Accountability arrangements to combat corruption: Literature review * (2007)
    Cavill, S.; Sohail, M.
  3. Benchmarking sanitation service delivery in metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies in Ghana * (2016)
    Sackeyfio, Christopher
  4. Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence Unit (due process) - a mechanism for combating corruption in infrastructure delivery in Nigeria: Case study * (2007)
    Aduda, Gabriel T.; Sohail, M.
  5. Mutual reinforcement: combining project outputs with capacity development outcomes for service delivery * (2013)
    Nilsson, Kristina
  6. Corruption in infrastructure provision and service delivery at the municipal level in Nepal: Case study * (2007)
    Shrestha, Purusottam Man; Sohail, M.
  7. Creating environments to support participation of people with disabilities in public service delivery * (2016)
    Mvere, Charity
  8. Global study on sustainable service delivery models for rural water: Evidence from 16 countries * (2017)
    Lockwood, Harold
  9. The iceberg of rural self-supply – a largely hidden opportunity * (2021)
    Sutton, Sally
  10. Review of the Extension Service. Draft report. File number: 3/7/8; Reoprt number 2 (CBM) (1998)
    Namibia, Department of Water Affairs; Namibia, Directorate of Rural Water Supply; Namibia, Republic of


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