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  1. Regulating the water and sanitation sector in Zambia (2000)
    Chanda, Osward M.; National Water Supply and Sanitation Council; NWASCO
  2. How depressing: poverty, mental health and municipal services in South Africa (2006)
    Swartz, Leslie; Breen, Alison; Flisher, Alan; Joska, John; Corrigall, Joanne; Plaatjies, Lindelwa; McDonald, David A.
  3. Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company Limited. A survey: April - May 2005 * (2006)
    Transparency International
  4. Sanitation in informal settlements in East Africa (3ksan) * (2013)
    Charles, Katrina
  5. Municipal-academic partnerships for innovation in sanitation delivery: a case study in Durban, South Africa * (2018)
    Sindall, Rebecca
  6. Water delivery configurations and CBOs in Dhaka’s slums, Bangladesh: lessons for WASH Sustainability * (2017)
    Cawood, Sally
  7. From rights to results in rural water services - evidence from Kyuso, Kenya * (2014)
    Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (SSEE)
  8. Engaging with government to scale-up community-based total sanitation in Indonesia * (2011)
    Setiawan, Eka
  9. Private sector management of water supply services to small towns in Uganda [Distance learning] (2005)
    Garvey, Gerry