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  1. An assessment of potential risk factors for typhoid fever in an urban water supply, Harare, Zimbabwe * (2021)
    Martinsen, Andrea
  2. Summary report on water quality from different sources for Malaba town (small towns water & sanitation project) (1996)
    Uganda, Ministry of Natural Resources
  3. Evaluation of water and sanitation facilities in Afghan refugees villages, Pakistan (1994)
    Ahmad, Masroor
  4. Improving, a step at a time: a report on traditional source improvement and a review of the hardware of a drinking water project (1998)
    Borstlap, Leonie; International Agricultural College, Larenstein; Zambia, Department of Water Affairs
  5. Sand dam resilience for rural water access amid climate change in semi-arid Kenya: sustainable design for drought and flood. * (2021)
    Bogle, Spencer
  6. Shallow wells disinfection using pot chlorinators (1986)
    Kalimwenjuma, D.D.
  7. Shallow wells and handpumps (1981)
    Mukumwa, J.A.
  8. Gravity systems and shallow wells for Kagera region, Tanzania (1985)
    Mutegeki, Emmanuel Mbelwa
  9. Final report of water and sanitation options (1990)
    Reed, Bob; WEDC, Loughborough University of Technology; MSF-Holland