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  1. Comparison slow sand filtration and conventional treatment (1989)
    Abidin, Abdul Razak Zainal
  2. Small scale water purification for low income communities in Ethiopia (1998)
    Gebru, Debru B.
  3. A review of slow sand filtration in Zimbabwe (1987)
    Murungweni, L.N.
  4. Bacterial removal in slow sand filters (1982)
    Sharma, Madhav Prasad
  5. Flowrate changes in slow sand filters (1988)
    Mandal, Ram Lakhan
  6. Horizontal roughing filter as pre-treatment prior to slow sand filtration (1981)
    Datta, R.
  7. Report on a visit to evaluate public health conditions in refugee camps in the west of Honduras (Nov-Dec 1986) (1986)
    Smith, Michael D.; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  8. Slow sand filtration: influences of process variables (1988)
    Muhammad, Nur
  9. The performance of the biosand filter (2007)
    Thye, Ze Pin
  10. Declining rate control for slow sand filters (experimental investigation) (1984)
    Munduga, Gideon E.E.


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