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  1. Characterisation and influence of feedstock on the structure of granules in upflow anaerobic bed (2014)
    Yao, Lan
  2. Approach to scale-up co-treatment of fecal sludge in STPs: case study from Tamil Nadu, India * (2021)
    Govindaraj, Senthilkumar
  3. Assessment of heavy metals in sewage sludge and their accumulation in cabbage (Brassica oleracea var capitata) * (2018)
    Moturi, Wilkister
  4. Challenges to co-treatment caused by excess grit in faecal sludge * (2021)
    Govindaraj, Senthilkumar
  5. Comparison of scales for faecal sludge gravimetric characterization in low-resource settings * (2016)
    Therrien, Jean-David
  6. Implications of inappropriate containment on urban sanitation and environment: a study of Faridpur, Bangladesh * (2016)
    Islam, Rafiul
  7. Increasing access to safely managed faecal sludge services in underserved urban areas of Uganda through private sector partnerships * (2021)
    Atwijukye, Osbert
  8. Investigations on correlations of organic content of faecal sludge to its water bounded characteristics * (2021)
    Rayavellore Suryakumar, Arun Kumar
  9. Low-cost faecal sludge dewatering and carbonisation for production of fuel briquettes * (2018)
    Atwijukye, Osbert
  10. Pit latrine faecal sludge accumulation: assessment of trends and determinants in low-income settlements in Nakuru, Kenya * (2018)
    Gudda, Fredrick


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