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  1. National seminar on rural sanitation: problems, prospects and strategies for future New Delhi 16-18 September 1992 (1992)
    India, Ministry of Rural Development
  2. Peasant perceptions - Famine credit needs sanitation (Rural study series 03) (1984)
    Bangladesh: Rural Advancement Committee; BRAC
  3. The net - Power Struggle in ten villages (Rural study series 02) (1983)
    Bangladesh: Rural Advancement Committee; BRAC
  4. Children's and women's rights in Nigeria: a wake-up call. Situation assessment and analysis 2001 (2001)
    Hodges, Anthony
  5. Evaluation of latrine technology Volume II - User perceptions and observed use of latrines in Rahamaterpara (1983)
    DPHE; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); WHO World Health Organization
  6. Rehabilitation and expansion studies for water supply and sanitation systems in Jinja & Njeru. Demand and affordability survey. Draft report [incomplete - questionnaires only] (1997)
    Mott MacDonald Limited; M and E Associates; Kagga and Partners; Government of Uganda; Ministry of Natural Resources; National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC)
  7. Evaluation report of the double vault compost latrine project: Todos Santos and Cantanil Department of Huehuetenango, Republic of Guatemala (1998)
    Burrows, Hugues
  8. Social impacts and constraints of microcredit in the alleviation of poverty. A qualitative study of the Microcredit Program OPP - Orangi Charitable Trust, Karachi (2003)
    Rehman, Naheed; UCFS School of Medicine; Ismail, Aquila
  9. Sustainable refugee participation in water supply and sanitation schemes (1992)
    Gould, T.J.
  10. Sustainable water pumping in refugee camps: costs and benefits of over-sized solar PV systems * (2017)
    Harkness, Brendon


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